• Over 60 types of gloves

    For all kinds of gardening

  • Dispatched in 2-3 days

    Delivering UK-wide

  • Over 14 years of trading

    We are glove experts

Why Choose Centre Sales

High-quality garden gloves from Centre Sales

We offer a large range of specialist gloves direct to the public at discount prices, with over 60 types of gloves in stock from market-leading brands. With over 25 years of trading, we are one of the UK’s leading gardening glove experts, so please give us a call with any questions you might have.

At Centre Sales, we understand the needs of gardeners, being enthusiastic gardeners ourselves and having direct experience of dozens of brands of gardening gloves. Just like you, we appreciate a glove that keeps us comfy throughout the day and lets us work to our full potential doing the thing we love the most – caring for, enjoying and maintaining our garden.

Why purchase from us?

Expert knowledge: Garden gloves are our sole product. This has allowed us to accumulate in-depth product knowledge and direct experience that may not be available in your average garden centre.

We are extremely selective about the gloves we stock and can personally vouch for their quality and durability. Each make of glove is of the highest quality, guaranteed to provide a long service life and excellent value for money.

We offer a highly personalised service, with individual advice available by phone, or face to face at shows.

We deliver throughout the UK, with all products dispatched within 1 to 2 working days.

A variety of specialist gloves are available, including the Showa Floreo 370 and other leading brands. Our product catalogue is regularly updated with the latest gloves.

We value our customers – enjoy a 10% discount off your second purchase!

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