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Which garden gloves to use

Which garden gloves to use

There are a variety of tasks in the garden and whilst it is prudent to wear gloves, it is best to have the right gloves for the right job.

For heavy duty general work and landscaping, a Leather gloves has always been traditionally popular, as they give good protection and a level of comfort. There are different types of leather used in the making of these gloves, including Deerskin, Goatskin, Cowhide, Suede Leather and Split Leather. Deerskin and goatskin are particularly good in the garden, as they maintain a degree of flexibility after getting wet.

Other heavy duty gloves include the thicker grippy Latex gloves and thicker Nitrile gloves. These give a good level of protection and most have breathable sections to the back of the hand. They are easy to wash and generally come up cheaper than the Leather gloves.

For more intricate work, the Thin Nitrile disposable gloves are generally very good, but they only really last for a short period. There are lined Nitrile gloves that give almost as much dexterity, but are reusable and washable. Good quality versions of this type of glove are very comfortable, breathable and can last for Months.

Waterproof gloves are also useful to have in the wheelbarrow. There are some very good waterproof gloves on the Market, due to advanced technology now available. These can include Waterproof , breathable gloves and waterproof thermal gloves.

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