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Wash and maintain your gloves

Wash and maintain your gloves

Both new and used gloves should be thoroughly inspected before being worn to ensure no damage is present. If any damage is found on the gloves they should be disposed of. After use in the garden, your gloves can become dirty from use in soil and gardening tasks. Some of the Nitrile gloves can also develop a nasty odour. It is always advisable to keep them clean and free from bacteria that can be picked up through usage.

Good quality Nitrile and Latex gloves  can be washed by hand or in a washing machine at 30 degrees, which also helps the environment and using neutral detergents. They should then be air dried.

When it comes to Leather gloves, it is advisable to let the dirt dry and then clean off with a stiff or wire brush. Some Goatskin gloves can be washed, but manufacturers usually advise that, over a period of time, this may effect the performance levels of the gloves.

It is like most things in life, the key to being able to wash and reuse gardening gloves lies in the quality of glove purchased.

Nitrile and Latex gloves should be stored in a cool dry place between 10degrees C and 30 degrees C and away from direct sunlight

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