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  • Soft n Tough Thermal

Soft n Tough Thermal

  • Brand: Towa
  • Product Code: Soft n Tough Thermal
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £7.99

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Soft nTough Thermal garden gloves

These Soft n Tough Thermal gloves are both strong and can be washed, therefore keep your hands clean

They have a Napped lining for extra warmth. The Natural Rubber/ Latex coating on the palm has `MICROFINISH` to it, which provides excellent grip in all climates

About Microfinish

For a long time, looking to produce the products that offer safety, comfort, grip, Towa has finally found an answer.

The new coating, with a unique glove surface process is designed to create the most bond, with least effort, thus easier

Most gloves for slippy uses have a rough surface coating, which is used in only a very small part of the grip.

The MicroFinish coating actually takes an opposite approach.

Its superb grip is made by using a soft compound filled with lots of minute pockets.

As these pockets come into contact with a surface, they make a vacuum that moves fluids.

This allows the whole grip surface to make clean contact with the object.

Coated with latex and nitrile, MicroFinish is in all of the with garden range.

Towa gloves will make all new garden gloves, with MicroFinish coated palms.

MicroFinish will soon be a new standard for nearly all gloves that require a high level of grip action.

Soft n Tough Thermal gloves

I hate being cold. You hate being cold. We all hate being cold, hence, we have the answer.

What is, in my humble opinion, the most annoying part of being cold, you may ask ?

Freezing hands, so we can solve that.

They are the worst, so get yourself some of these Soft n Tough Thermal gloves for out in the garden.

It makes sense to look after your hands, as they are probably the most precious tools you own.

If you don`t like the yellow colour ( which stands out if you lose them) then we also do these in Grey.

Size Large, Medium, Small, XLarge
Colour Grey, Yellow
Brand Towa
Gender Unisex
Material Fleece Lining, Latex, Microfinish
Uses Added Grip Strength, Cold Conditions, General, Grip, Heavy Duty

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Soft n Tough Thermal

  • Brand: Towa
  • Product Code: Soft n Tough Thermal
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £7.99

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