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Special Gloves

At Centre Sales, we supply a variety of specialist gardening gloves for heavy-duty support in the garden. Whether you’re looking for a glove to use while digging, lawn mowing, pruning fruit trees or weeding, we have a good value, high-quality glove that will keep your hands comfy, while protecting you from cuts, scrapes and dirt.

Our specialist gloves include tough, waterproof pond gloves for professional gardeners, attractive, lightweight gloves for amateur gardening enthusiasts, and supportive, medically engineered gloves for people with injuries and medical conditions affecting their hands.

  • Children’s gardening gloves
  • Professional gardening gloves
  • Thorn-resistant gardening gloves
  • Thermal gardening gloves
  • Cut and vibration resistant gloves – for use with chainsaws, hedge cutters, and power tools
  • Waterproof/pond gloves

Take a look through the products on this page to find out more. If you can’t find what you need, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01527 832092 or send an email to csmgloves@aol.com. As an independent retailer, we are as passionate about gardening as you are, and are happy to help you choose the best glove for you.

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