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  • Showa 620 gardening gloves

Showa 620 gardening gloves

  • Brand: Showa
  • Product Code: Showa 620 gardening gloves
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £8.99

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Showa 620 Gauntlet

Showa 620 garden gauntlet gloves repel water and therefore are ideal for hosing, power washing and Pond building

The dipped glove has a seamless cotton support and is repels water, therefor keeping you dry

The rough finish on the palm allows objects to be held secure and so, makes handling easier.

The named size is for a glove that has been stretched to fit on the hand.

Used for those with allergy to natural Latex.

Rubber latex comes from the sap of the rubber tree, found in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Allergies to products made with latex develop in persons with allergies to proteins contained in rubber latex.

Rubber latex should not be confused with synthetic rubber.

Synthetic rubber products, including “latex” house paints, are not made with latex .

Thus, They do not trigger allergies in people who are allergic to products made with rubber latex.

Latex is a common part of many medical and dental supplies, so are checked on a regular basis

These include throw away gloves, dental dams, airway tubing, dressings and bandage.

Latex also is found in many products. These include handbags, balloons, shoes, tyres, tools, leg and waistbands, rubber toys and baby bottles.

What are latex allergy symptoms?

In most cases, latex allergy appears after previous exposures to latex, so can happen to us all

Latex allergy symptoms may include hives, itching, stuffy or runny nose.

It can cause asthma symptoms of wheezing and finding it hard to breathe.

Symptoms begin within minutes after exposure to latex containing products, thus this comes on quick

The most severe latex allergy can result in a serious, severe breathing and/or fall in blood pressure (shock).

Allergic skin problems can occur after direct contact with allergic latex proteins in latex gloves.

Symptoms may include itching, redness and swelling of skin that touched the item with latex.

These and other latex allergies are less common now.

Many hospitals or doctors’ offices have switched to non-latex gloves or low protein latex gloves.

Direct contact with latex products is not needed to trigger an allergy.

Size Large, Medium, XLarge
Colour Orange
Brand Showa
Gender Mens
Material PVC
Uses Damp Environments, General, Grip, Heavy Duty, Water Proof

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Showa 620 gardening gloves

  • Brand: Showa
  • Product Code: Showa 620 gardening gloves
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £8.99

Available Options

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