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  • Showa 600 gardening gloves

Showa 600 gardening gloves

  • Brand: Showa
  • Product Code: Showa 600 gardening gloves
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £7.49

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Showa 600 waterproof garden gloves

The Showa 600 garden gloves are waterproof and therefore, ideal for garden work in damp climates.

These Showa 600 are special PVC-dipped, ultra-soft, rough surface garden gloves for secure grip and defence.

They are fully coated over the whole hand with a knitted cuff turned and sewn.

There is a rough finish over the whole surface with anti-bacterial and anti-odour treatment, so keep hands clean

Showa 600 garden glove

A soft glove that absorbs sweat, for ultra comfort longer wear.

Seals and protects hands while staying soft and dry for working in damp climates, letting you to grip objects secure.

Glove stays well shaped and the surface provides tactile feel and better grip.

The gloves have greater hygien, so can be washed and they are designed for easy movement and longer wear.

added comfort with no seams in contact with the skin and the Wrist is well covered.

The Maker of Showa 600 garden gloves

  • For over fifty years, SHOWA has given high class answers to the complex problems of hand defence in the garden.
  • The constant growth of the brand on the global market is one reason the gloves have done so well.
  • SHOWA is as certain as the user of their strength and always places users at the top of their list.
  • A glove is not just a piece of hand defence, it must also give comfort.
    We ask users to get as much long-term use as they can from SHOWA gloves and they often see longer wear.
  • Certain gloves from the range are designed and made to be used over a long period.
  • As well as being highly durable, most are suited to wash at 40°C with a neutral powder.Mechanical and/or chemical resistant properties typically remain after three washes but this depends on the degree of wear to the glove which must be checked.Used gloves should always be disposed of in an appropriate and responsible manner.every pair of SHOWA gloves is individually hand inspected at the end of the production process contributing to their ‘Zero Defect’ policy.
Size Large, Medium, Small, XLarge
Colour Green
Brand Showa
Gender Unisex
Material Cotton, PVC
Uses Damp Environments, General, Grip, Heavy Duty, Water Proof

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Showa 600 gardening gloves

  • Brand: Showa
  • Product Code: Showa 600 gardening gloves
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £7.49

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