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  • Showa 306 Gardening gloves

Showa 306 Gardening gloves

  • Brand: Showa
  • Product Code: Showa 306 Gardening gloves
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £9.99

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Showa 306 Water resistant and Breathable

Showa 306 garden gloves are super to wear out in the garden. these water resistant, breathable gardening gloves are have extra grip coating on the palm providing high levels of grip and abrasion resistance. Manufactured using ergonomically designed hand moulds to reduce hand fatigue. Seamless for optimum comfort with premium fit, thanks to Showa Best hand shape technology.

Wet-Weather Gardening: 6 Tips When The Rain Just Won’t Go Away.

Like many in Great Britain, I am living in an area that is experiencing a cool and extremely rainy summer. And I must confess that it has thrown my gardening game off quite a bit. The veggies are behind, and the weeds are ahead. Thank god for my Showa 306 Gloves.

In the right amounts rain is a blessing to the home gardener, but excessive amounts of rain can cause major damage, including plant diseases,soil erosion and flooding. If you, too, are experiencing an over-abundance of rain, you know it can be a challenge keeping your garden in good condition. After all, it’s not like you can really run outside and put a giant umbrella over your entire garden every time it rains.

There are, however, a few things that you can do that may help. During heavy rains, any areas that are not draining properly should be easy to spot. If plants are allowed to stand in water for any length of time it can lead to root rot. If you do notice areas that are prone to flooding, find ways to drain water away from your garden. This can be done using rock beds or even using plastic water drains.

Long periods of rain

Heavy rains and thunderstorms can cause plant damage, and extended periods of wet weather can lead to plant diseases such as mildew. After a severe storm, get your Showa 306 gloves on and check your plants for damage. If only a few leaves have been damaged, you can remove them, or if a plant has been bent over from the force of the rain, you may be able to stake it back up. Unfortunately, it the main stem has snapped, it is likely that the plant is a loss. Remember to check the base of the plants to see if soil erosion has exposed any roots. If it has, you should cover them with soil or compost. Left exposed, the roots can dry out, which can seriously harm or even kill the plant.

Rain and flooding can carry much-needed nutrients away from your vegetable plants. After severe storms, it is a good idea to replace those nutrients by adding compost or an organic fertilizer to your soil. If soil has become waterlogged, walking on it can make it worse, as the soil becomes compacted. Avoid walking on very wet soil as there is a chance that doing so could damage the roots of your plants.

Items that collect water

Wearing your Showa 306 garden gloves, Turn over – or better yet, completely remove – any containers, wheelbarrows, etc., that can collect rain water, as these can quickly become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other pests.And remember to be vigilant against slugs who love moist places to hide while they munch away on your lettuce.

Finally, if you, too, are living in a part of the country that has had more than its fair share of rain this year, take advantage of the positives and make the most of it. After all, what other choice do we have?

Size Large, Medium, Small, XLarge
Colour Black, Blue
Brand Showa
Gender Unisex
Material Latex, Water Repellent Braethable Latex
Uses Damp Environments, General, Grip, Heavy Duty, Tool Handling

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Showa 306 Gardening gloves

  • Brand: Showa
  • Product Code: Showa 306 Gardening gloves
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £9.99

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