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Pond Gloves

Pond gloves are specialist gardening gloves designed to protect your hands when working in garden ponds, rain butts, puddles, mud, drains or simply in wet conditions. The one thing all types of pond glove have in common is they are waterproof. Beyond this, pond gloves come in a diversity of styles, sizes and materials to suit different applications.

Pond gloves are primarily made from latex, PVC, rubber or nitrile, sometimes with a nylon or thermal lining and fabric parts around the wrist. Some designs have an elasticated wrist to prevent water from entering the glove.

Types Of Pond Glove

  • Gauntlet-style pond gloves with an extended waterproof arm guard, for pond cleaning tasks etc.
  • Short arm waterproof pond gloves for shallow water work and wet weather gardening
  • Thermal, waterproof gardening gloves for cold weather and/or working with cold water


At Centre Sales, we stock a range of waterproof Showa gloves, which are custom designed to keep your hands comfortable and dry when working in wet conditions. We also supply our own CSM long-sleeved pond glove, in men’s and ladies sizes.

Find Out More

Please browse the products on this page to find out about individual gloves. All our pond glove range are held permanently in stock and are ready to dispatch within 1 to 2 business days. Purchase pond gloves online through our website, or find us at a horticultural or gardening show and purchase in person. If you’d like to discuss your requirements with one of our garden glove experts, please call 01527 832092 today.

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