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Leather gloves

Leather gloves are the pinnacle of gardening luxury – soft, breathable, stylish, and incredibly tough. A set of premium leather gardening gloves will last you for years and are perfectly suited for regular, heavy-duty garden work for both amateur and professional gardeners. A leather glove will mould to the shape of your hand, giving each pair a unique feel and character. It is no wonder that leather gardening gloves often remain treasured possessions for years, and also make perfect gifts.

At Centre Sales, we stock an array of attractive leather gloves made from sustainably sourced leather. Our gloves vary in style, softness and the type of leather used, but all are selected for their excellent quality and proven delivery in practical garden tasks.

As an independent specialist retailer, we are happy to discuss your requirements and recommend a good type of leather glove for you. Different types of leather gloves are better suited to some gardening tasks than others – and some makes are enhanced by the addition of waterproof materials or fabric elements for better performance and durability.

Shop Our Leather Glove Range

We stock a variety of leather gardening gloves from leading brands. All our products can be purchased through our online store, so please take a look around. If you have any questions or would like help choosing the right products, please call 01527 832092 or email csmgloves@aol.com.

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