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getting the garden and Lawn ready for spring

getting the garden and Lawn ready for spring

Gardening has been a lifesaver for many, during lockdown and has been important for maintaining peoples sanity during this difficult time. The even better news , is that Spring is here and the promise of lighter summer nights is just around the corner. There are many tasks which can now be done, to ensure the garden is ready.

Clear the patio area and clean the paving. This can be done with a stiff broom or pressure washer and the best gloves to wear for this are the Showa Temres 281 or even the long armed pond gloves will suffice. When using the pressure washer, it is also advisable to wear waterproof clothing and wellies.

The important thing to remember for the first cut of the Lawn, is wait until the grass is dry and don`t try to cut it in one go. Lift the cutting blade of the mower, gradually dropping it down with each cut. When the weather warms up and the roots are active, it is a good time to feed and administer nitrogen fertiliser to give the lawn a boost. You can oversow patches in late April, sprinkling grass seed mixed with compost or sieved soil. It is advisable to wear the right Garden gloves for these tasks, with the Showa 310 or 330 being ideal to use with the mower and the 720 for handling chemicals and fertiliser.

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