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Green Benchmark Buds Kids Gloves

  • Brand: Benchmark
  • Product Code: Buds Kids Gardening Gloves
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £3.99

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Buds Kids Gardening Gloves

Buds kids gardening gloves are designed to make gardening fun for kids and so gets their interest. Gardening is a healthy way for children to grow up, teaching them core values for later life, so teaches respect.

Buds are a durable palm coated glove with an elastic knitted wrist for added comfort and protection.

The nylon liner is coated on the palm and over the finger tips and is machine washable, so you can keep them clean.

There is a choice of two colour options and two sizes with an attractive buds motif on the back of the hand.

Get Them Growing

Children can become easily discouraged, so it’s important to make their first gardening experiences positive and fruitful.

Using plants from our list below should ensure a successful first experience in the garden.

  1. Primrose, Primula vulgaris; a spring wildflower that comes in a variety of colours. Great for planting in pots and containers.
  2. Wild strawberry, Fragaria vesca; children will love hunting for the small, sweet, delicious fruit.
  3. Bellflower, Campanula medium‘Canterbury Bells’; a blue, white or lavender, summer-flowering plant.
  4. Pansy, Viola; the cheery face of the pansy is a popular choice for an abundance of both summer and winter colour. Ensure you deadhead them regularly.
  5. Crane’s-bill, Geranium; grown for its white, pink, blue or purple saucer-shaped flowers and its dense foliage, which is great for keeping down the weeds. Not to be confused with the summer-bedding plant pelargonium, which is often referred to as geranium.
  6. Lamb’s ears, Stachys byzantina; grown more for its foliage than its flowers. As its name suggests, its downy leaves resemble the ears of a lamb.
  7. Houseleek, Sempervivum; a rosette-forming succulent that produces flowers on long stems. It is a great plant for dry areas of the garden.
  8. Lavender, Lavandula; a familiar garden favourite, producing white, pink, blue or purple aromatic flowers during the summer months. Flowers and foliage are often used for making pot-pourri.
  9. Lady’s mantle, Alchemilla mollis; produces greenish yellow flowers from June to August. Provides good ground cover.
  10. Forget-me-not, Myosotis; pretty clusters of small flowers in either blue, white or pink. They love well-drained soil.
Colour Blue, Pink
Size XSmall, XXSmall
Gender Children
Brand Buds
Material Latex Palm. Nylon Back

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Green Benchmark Buds Kids Gloves

  • Brand: Benchmark
  • Product Code: Buds Kids Gardening Gloves
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £3.99

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