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Ultimate Utility Gloves


Ultimate Utility Gloves

The Ultimate Utility gloves are perfect when you need a strong gloves that has comfort.

These gloves are ideal when you require strength and comfort for the task at hand.

The reinforced PVC patches protect you against spiny, thorny plants like Blackthorn and Roses.


the perfect barrier for keeping wandering pets or unwanted visitors at bay due to its dark prickly appearance.

Attractive to birds and wildlife, the Blackthorn hedge flowers in the early spring, followed by Sloe berries in autumn.

As a point of interest, In the British Army, blackthorn sticks are carried by commissioned officers of the Royal Irish Regiment.

The tradition also occurs in Irish regiments in some Commonwealth countries


Roses are one of the most popular garden plants.

These beauties come in a range of colours, many with scented blooms, and they can be grown in borders, containers, over arches, pergolas and as ground cover. T

hey are easy to grow and live for a long time, if looked after.

Cultivation notes

Roses will grow in almost any soil, as long as it is well-drained.

Mixing in  some well-rotted garden compost or manure into the planting area will get your roses off to a flying start.

There are so many different roses, there is possibly one for any spot in the garden, from a container on a sunny patio, to a climber for a north-facing wall.

Roses are deep rooted plants that, once established, can survive on the moisture present naturally in the soil.

But, in the first few years after planting, and where the soil is especially dry, thorough watering is recommended. Wet the top 25cm (10in) of the soil every 10 days in prolonged dry spells to give the best results.

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Heavy Duty Material, Leather


Heavy Duty


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