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Towa Kids Glove 6XS



These Towa Kids 6XS garden gloves for children are copies of the adult gloves. The young gardener will enjoy working in these gloves.

The stretchy fabric and microfinish design on the surface of the gloves create a perfect fit and make them slip proof.

The seamless finely knitted gloves have a Latex coating and are machine washed and water resistant in the coated area.




For a long time Towa have researched and developed products that offer safety, comfort, and most important, grip, They have, at last found an answer.

The new coating design with a unique glove surface process is designed to make the best bond, with least effort, under a wide range of wet and dry areas, so grip is enhanced.

Most gloves used for slippy use, have a stiff compound and rough surface coating, which is used in only a very small amount of the grip’s surface area, compared to this new coating.

The new design takes an opposite approach. Its great grip is made by using a soft compound filled with thousands of tiny pockets, to give more grip.

As these pockets come into contact with a surface, they create a vacuum that moves fluids and allows the whole grip surface to make clean contact with the object, even when wet.

Coated with latex and nitrile, The design is now used in ActivGrip™series as well as new PowerGrab® series.

Towa is to make new gloves, using this coating design. This finish  will soon be a new standard for nearly all gloves that require a high level of grip.

Towa Kids 6XS Gloves

Towa Kids 6XS garden gloves  are a must for any budding garden child. Also in size  5
and size 4
The RHS are now running a campaign for schools. Why not visit their website to check it out It is certainly worth a look !



Blue, Pink, Red






Microfinish, Nitrile, Nylon Back


General, Grip, Tool Handling, Weeding

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