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Towa Foriesta


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Towa Foriesta Garden gloves

Super comfort Towa Foriesta, garden gloves with longer cuff for more cover.
Garden gloves with a 13 Gauge liner for added comfort and less hand fatigue, so your hands will not hurt as much.

A longer cuff has been added, to protect and sewn in hangers for storage.


For a long They have looked to make gloves that offer safety, comfort, and grip, so now you can benefit.
Towa has, at last, found the answer for you, so we can all garden better.

The new coating, with a unique glove surface process is made to create a bond, with least effort, wet or dry.

Most gloves with slippy uses have a rough coating, which is used in only a very small amount of the grip area.

The MicroFinish takes an opposite approach to benefit grip.

Its super grip is made by using a soft compound filled with thousands of tiny pockets for extra grip and better use.

These pockets contact with the surface, making a vacuum that moves fluids and allows the grip surface to contact better.

Coated with latex and nitrile, MicroFinish is available in all the with garden range, so greater choice

Towa are making new gloves, with MicroFinish coating to change the glove market.

MicroFinish will soon be a new standard for almost all gloves that require a high level of grip, which will help us all.

The Towa Foriesta garden gloves use this microfinish in the garden to great effect.
So when working in these gloves you will always get the best grip in both wet and dry climates.
The longer cuff also adds greater cover for the lower forearm.
They come in 2 colours, Red and Dark Green.
Give them a try, you will not be disappointed !

Green, Red


Large, Medium, Small






Latex, Microfinish, Nylon Back


General, Grip, Tool Handling

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