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Towa Flora Yellow


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Towa Flora Yellow garden gloves

These superb Towa Flora yellow gloves are ideal for a variety of gardening tasks and provide excellent dexterity. The 13 Gauge Polyester liner offers maximum comfort and eliminates hand fatigue. Ideal for potting on, watering plants and picking fruit. These excellent gloves also possess the Microfinish technology.

Towa Flora Yellow About Microfinish

Towa Flora Yellow gloves are not onlt the yellow colour. They also come in Pink
and Blue

Peach leaf curl fungus

The fungus affects leaves of peaches, nectarines and almonds with large red patches of distortion as soon as they unfurl in spring. There bare no chemical controls you can use to keep your plants healthy. but there are cultural controls you can use. If the tree is growing against a wall it is relatively easy to cover it with plastic in November over a timber frame to keep the rain off the stems until the spring. Otherwise remove the leaves as soon as you spot signs of the fungus and burn, rather than compost.


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Latex, Microfinish, Nylon Back


General, Grip, Weeding



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