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Towa Flora Blue


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Towa Flora Blue

Towa Flora Blue garden gloves offer great comfort fit well.

These garden gloves are ideal for many garden tasks, so multi-use

Very useful for fine work work, they are ideal for potting on,watering plants and fruit picking.

The 13 Gauge liner offers great comfort and stops hand fatigue. The gloves also have Microfinish coating.

For a long time Towa have looked to make the products that offer safety, comfort, and grip.
Towa Corp has at last found an answer.
The new, with a unique glove surface process is designed to create a firm bond, with least effort.
Most gloves used for slippy items have a rough surface coating, which is used in only a very small amount of the grip.

Towa Flora Blue and Microfinish

The MicroFinish coating takes an opposite approach.
Its great grip is made by using a soft compound filled with thousands of minute pockets.

As these pockets contact a surface, they create a vacuum, moving fluids and allows the grip to make clean contact.Coated with latex and nitrile, MicroFinish is  in all of the with garden range.

Towa Corp has promised to introduce new gloves, with MicroFinish coating.

MicroFinish will soon be a new standard for nearly all gloves that require a high level of grip.

In 1947, Hajime Watanabe established what became the forerunner of Towa Corp in Kurume, Japan.
Kurume, in Southern Japan, has been known throughout the world due to being the birthplace of many rubber products.
In the years that followed, Towa Corp became a household name in Japan and it still holds that name today.
As the years went by, the range of Towa gloves grew to serve many industries.
Soon enough, Towa’s gloves were used all over Japan, from the cold northern island of Hokkaido to the hot southern island of Okinawa.

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