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Supertouch gardening glove


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Supertouch garden gloves


The Supertouch garden gloves are a very fine glove, ideal for seed planting.

They have super grip and feel and breathe on the back for reduced sweat.

Put on your Supertouch gloves When pricking out.

Choose the strongest seedlings, as weaker plants are less likely to survive transplanting.

Gently holding onto the seed leaves, use a finger or pencil to ease the plant out of the compost, retaining as much root as possible.

Wearing your Supertouch gloves, you will still have enough feel to perform this task.

Pricking out is an essential part of propagating plants sown in seedtrays.

Once seedlings have germinated, they need space to start a strong root system.

It’s important to prick out as soon as the plant is ready which is usually when the first true leaves emerge.

This isn’t always true in the case of large seedlings like courgettes which may need pricking out before the true leaves appear.

Wearing your Supertouch gloves, start by preparingĀ  a cellular seed tray or individual pots with good potting compost and firm in well. Ideally the tray should be seven and a half centimetres deep to allow for the development of a strong root system. Then, water the compost so that it’s just moist and using your finger or a pencil, make a hole that’s wide and deep enough to accommodate the new plant.

Lightly firm in the soil around the plant with your finger or a pencil, making sure the seed leaves are just above the level of the compost. Then Transplant seedlings, placed at least 3.7cm (1.5 in) apart. When you have finished pricking out your seedlings, water them in using a fine watering rose and place them on a windowsill where they will keep warm and receive adequate sunlight.




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