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Soft n Strong Gardening gloves


Soft n Strong gardening gloves by cutter

These Soft n Strong gardening gloves by cutter are super for heavy garden jobs.

Cutter have created these gloves to be hard working for heavier jobs. Soft goatskin leather protects but is still soft.

These gloves are also supple for more detailed work.

They have a velcro cuff for a great fit and leather finger tips for added protection.


Goatskin refers to the skin of a goat, which by long term usage, is denoted by the term Morocco leather.

Kidskin, used for gloves, shoes and other accessories, is traditionally goatskin, although other leathers such as sheep and kangaroo can be used to make kid.

Tanned leather from goatskin is considered extremely durable and is commonly used to make rugs (for example in Indonesia) and carpet binding.

It is often used for glovesboots, and other products that require a soft hide, thus giving comfort

Kid gloves, popular in Victorian times, are still made today.

It has been a major material for leather bookbindings for centuries, and the oldest European binding, that of the St Cuthbert Gospel in the British Library is in red goatskin.

Goatskin is used for a traditional Spanish container for wine bota bag (or called goatskin). Traditional kefir was made in bags from goatskin.



10, 11, 8, 9


Heavy Duty Material, Leather


Black, White





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