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Showa Temres 281 waterproof Gardening Glove



This amazing Showa Temres 281 garden glove keeps water out, while allowing warm air and moisture from inside to escape.

The Breathable technology keeps your hands dry.

Benefits of the Showa Temres 281 Gloves

Membrane keeps water out of the glove, while allowing warm air and moisture from inside to escape
Breathable technology keeps your hands dry
Liquid proof protects hand against water and liquids
Fingertips finish increase protection and provide optimal grip
Flexibility and tactility due to a thin coating and seamless liner
Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue
Level 4 abrasion resistance
No irritation by seams in contact with the skin
Minimal allergy risks

A micro-ventilated waterproof polyurethane coating protects against water and liquids. Breathable technology allows moisture from inside to escape. Extremely durable yet tactile, with excellent grip. Machine washable (40c max) fast drying. 100% waterproof 100% breathable.

Getting soaked in the rain isn’t a whole lot of fun. When you go for a swim or take a shower, you usually wear little or no clothes and have a towel ready to dry yourself off. But when you go out in the rain, you usually have to wear more clothes, and if they get all wet, and you get all wet, it is a pretty easy way to ruin your day. And if you live in a place with a dry season and a wet season like me, having a whole lot of ruined days in a row can drive you over the edge. They key to enjoying being out in the rain is to not get wet.This suggestion is about attitude. Most people tend to squint their eyes when they are out in the rain. If you are one of those people, try not doing it next time. It is pretty amazing how much less tense being out in the rain is if you aren’t scrunching up your eyes during the whole experience. If you’re like me it is going to take a while of remembering to not squint before it becomes a habit.




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