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Showa Kevlar gardening gloves GP – KV1



Showa Kevlar grip garden gloves

These Showa Kevlar grip garden gloves have a 100% knitted kevlar liner for great thorn defence.

The Latex coated palm giving super grip, feel and strength, making them easy to work in

The gloves are great for wear and tear, thus last longer

Anti-bacterial treatment reduces odours, so keeps hands clean

What exactly is Kevlar?

Kevlar is one of those magic modern things people always talk about, without ever really being explained any further.

“It’s made of Kevlar”, they say, with a knowing nod, as though that were all you needed to know

Kevlar is simply a super-strong plastic. If that sounds basic, remember that there are plastics—and there are plastics.

There are hundreds of plastics and they have a wide ranging make up.

Kevlar is super strong, partly due to its internal structur and partly due to the way it’s made.

Materials are made in a lab (unlike natural textiles such as cotton, which grows on plants)

Kevlar’s molecules have a strong, ring-like structure like that of benzenes the ring-like aromatic molecules connect together to form long chains.

These run inside (and parallel to) the fibers of Kevlar a bit like the steel bars (“rebar”) in reinforced concrete

Kevlar is made from many identical molecules bonded together (each one of which is called a monomer). Plastics are the most familiar polymers in our world.

As we’ve seen, the monomers in Kevlar are based on a modified, benzene-like ring structure.

That is why our Showa Kevlar grip gardening gloves are so strong The rough coating on the palm gives excellent grip and the seamless liner makes the gloves comfortable to wear too.


Large, Medium, Small, XLarge




Blue, Yellow




Kevlar, Latex, Nylon Back


Cut resistant, General, Grip, Heavy Duty, Thorn Proof

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