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Showa Floreo 370 5XS ( purple) gardening gloves



These Showa Floreo 370 5XS are an ideal gardening gift, the latest size Showa Floreo 370 gardening gloves, which are ideal for children or ladies with very small hands.

Nitrile coated palm on seamless knitted liner provides excellent dexterity and comfort.

Machine washable and very durable.

These lightweight and supple gloves have a durable nitrile coating to the palm whilst a 13 Gauge seamless liner.

This makes the gloves breathable to the back of the hand.

Bright, sunny sunflowers look lovely in a pot.

You can make them look more cheerful by painting the pot, giving them a smiley face With your Showa Floreo 370 5XS gloves

What you’ll need

You will need 5 litr tins, enamel paints, Vaseline, a polythene bag and your Showa Floreo 370 5XS garden gloves.

What to do

Draw designs for the clothes of your flowerpot people on paper, then use enamel paints to copy designs onto tins.

Ask an adult to make holes in the base of each tin, then spread some gravel on the bottom for drainage. Now fill the tins up with soil and give them a good water.Make two holes 1.5 cm deep near the centre of each pot. Sow a seed in each hole and gently cover with soil. Put a polythene bag with a few small holes in it, over the tin. Smear the sides of the tins with a ring of Vaseline to deter slugs and position in a sunny spot. Remove the bags when the leaves appear and remove the weaker plant.Water little but often as without water sunflowers will quickly die. If your flowers have more than one head developing, cut the extra ones later for an indoor flower display. Once the sunflowers have opened, use a pencil or pointed stick to mark the head to make a face. Eyes, noses, and mouths can be different shapes.

And remeber to use your Showa Floreo 370 5XS garden gloves!


Purple, White






children, Womens


Nitrile, Nylon Back


Abrasion Resistance, General, Weeding

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