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* NEW Showa 265 Floreo Garden Glove


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Showa Floreo 265 Ultra-light Garden Glove.

These Floreo 265 garden gloves are an ultra-light, soft and give great comfort, ideal for fruit picking and fragile plants.

The Nitrile coated palm is also strong and resists abrasion.

The gloves give comfort and you could wear them all day. Because the backs are breathe, you will not get too hot and perspire.

Floreo 265 garden gloves can be washed at 40 degrees with neutral soaps and dry very quickly on the washing line.


The first  little plants to be pricked out and potted up are the tomatoes which are sowed  in January.

All three types, Moneymaker, Yellow Stuffer and Gardener’s Delight are over an inch tall.

They quickly use up all space in their trays, so it’s quite urgent that they’re potted up into individual modules.

Do this before their roots become tangled up and they start to suffer from being in such close quarters.

Growing them outdoors hasn’t been that fruitful for me since I grow them so far north.

Having to contend with a cooler climate and Blight, that affects them just before their fruits turn red.

Give them the best chance of growth in these early days in order to give them a chance.

Good potting compost is vital, making sure each plant has enough, but not too much space to spread its roots.

This means the tomato seedlings are potted up into modules now, then in a month’s time, potted up again into the next largest pots.

It’s wise to not to pot up into larger pots first because that means the roots spread out too much.

They will not then bulk up into proper root-balls before they hit the sides of their pot.

Not having a strong root system can affect the chances that plant has of growing on once it’s been planted out.


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