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Showa 477 waterproof thermal gardening gloves



Showa 477 waterproof thermal gardening gloves

Showa 477 waterproof thermal gardening gloves protect against ingress of liquids and cold.

Ideal for gardening in the winter, the thermal, foam grip has a fixed liner for warmth. The dual  coating, has extra coating on the palm and a hand formed seamless knit shape for comfort.

The thermal liner ensures warmth and comfort all day long, protecting from the cold, rather then to freeze.

Dual nitrile technology provides long lasting grip and is highly resistant to wear and tear. The Ergonomic design copies the natural curve of the Human hand and so lessens hand fatigue.

The Showa 477 waterproof thermal gloves are also seamless for  comfort and the wrist is well protected for the garden, allowing you to keep them on.

When you’re exposed to the cold, the first line of defense is to wear loose-fitting and dry clothing (wet clothing makes it difficult to maintain a normal body temperature).Dress in layers. If you work in the cold, or exercise outside, wear Showa 477 waterproof thermal gloves to give added cover rather than cold hands.Also, wear a hat and scarf. It’s true that 40 to 50 percent of our body heat can be lost from the surface of the head and neck.And no, it doesn’t matter if you have a thick head of hair. You still need protection, too.

Protect yourself

  • Protect your hands and feet.
  • Wear Showa 477 waterproof thermal gloves, Wear socks that will keep your feet dry and warm.
  • Some people wear a light liner sock made of a material that wicks away moisture next to the foot and then put a natural fiber sock over it.
  • Try to wear the higher cut socks, not the low risers. Hypothermia is a potentially dangerous drop in body temperature, usually caused by prolonged exposure to cold temperatures.
  • The risk of cold exposure increases as the winter months arrive. But if you’re exposed to cold temperatures on a spring hike or capsized on a summer sail, you can also be at risk of
  • hypothermia.
  • Normal body temperature averages 98.6 degrees. With hypothermia, core temperature drops below 95 degrees. In severe hypothermia, core body temperature can drop to 82 degrees or lower.



Large, Medium, XLarge




Fleece Lining, Nitrile




Cold Conditions, Damp Environments, Water Proof

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