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451 Showa Thermo garden gloves



Showa 451 Thermal gloves

Showa 451 Thermal garden gloves have a super warm cotton liner and provides good cover against the cold.

The rubber coating on the palm offers good cover to tearing, puncture and wear.

The rough finish gives superb grip on  any slippy surface.

Because it`s  knitted without a seam and shaped, it fits hand perfect to provide great comfort and super feel.

The coating is confined to the palm and finger ends, leaving the back of the hand aired to limit sweat.

A fleece lining make the gloves warm and cosy, thus, you can stay out longer

This warm and comfy glove is ideal for all types of work in cold rooms or in cold weather.

Can be washed at 40ºC using a neutral powder, so keeps hands clean

The Showa 451 Thermal glove is a must for those winter days in the garden.

Winter gives us a chance to draw breath and assess how our garden has performed during the season.

It’s the moment to review progress, you can mould your garden how you want and enjoy it more next year.

Make notes of where there have been gaps in the borders marking plants that are not performing well, to replace.

Take photos as you go along during the year but, if not, start now as a reminder of plant sizes and how they looked.

As the days start to cool, take cuttings of tender perennials like salvias, argyranthemums, arctotis, osteospermums and pelargoniums.

These, which you may have had filling pots and borders through the summer and autumn.

These root fairly easily.

Just take a short piece of stem, cut below a leaf node and strip off all leaves except the top pair.

Remove the stem tip, then insert the cutting into a pot containing a 50:50 mix of compost and horticultural grit, inserting the cuttings not in the middle of the pot, but around the edge for quicker root formation.





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