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Showa 380 Extra Grip gardening gloves



Showa 380 Extra grip garden gloves

Showa 380 garden gloves you are to wash.

They breathe and are are light, absorbent and provide the best grip thus strong.

The foam nitrile coating with patterned palm, provides great feel and extra grip.

Machine wash at 40 degrees with neutral powders, therefore easy to clean

Why choose hand defence from SHOWA:

  • For over fifty years, SHOWA has offered answers to the complex problems of hand defence in the garden.
  • The constant growth of the brand on the global market is a proof of the increased love of the glove range.
  • SHOWA is as aware as the user and always places manufacturing emphasis on the users needs.
  • A glove is not just a piece of hand defence gear,it must also give ease of movement and so, add comfort
  • By helping to boost work rate, SHOWA gloves are an cost efficient investment that helps to improve working areas.
  • SHOWA has placed new ideas and making super gloves at the heart of their making plans.
  • Each glove is made by carrying out a detailed study of all quality needs, thus research is vital
  • This makes it able to achieve the correct balance between safety, feel, strength and price.
  • SHOWA drives consumer-orientated R&D programmes to surpass market expectations with next generation products.

A pioneer in hand protection

  • SHOWA created the very first seamless, dipped lightweight glove as well as the iconic ‘Orange Grip Glove’ which still outperforms every one of the thousands of copies it has spawned.
  • The BEST N-Dex glove was the first ever nitrile disposable glove. With patented manufacturing technology, this glove still remains the benchmark that everyone else aspires to reach.
  • SHOWA developed another world’s first with the development of seamless GRIP style gloves, spawning a thousand imitators.
  • Spinning and knitting of hi-tech fibres for greater protection and performance was pioneered by SHOWA in the 1990’s.



Large, Medium, Small, XLarge






Nitrile, Nylon Back


General, Grip, Light Duty

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