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Showa Gloves 377 garden gloves



These Showa 377 waterproof gloves Feature a liquid proof undercoat for water protection and an additional foam coating on top for excellent grip in wet and oily applications.


  • Showa 377 waterproof gloves

  • Stronger knit cuff, scalloped edge
  • Standard finish
  • Without special treatment
  • hand formed shape
  • Seamless knit


    • A supple, robust glove offers great feel and with good defence against tearing and therefore ideal in the garden
    • Glove stays correctly adjusted due to the hand formed design
    • Protects the hand from oils, water and wear, therefore with very long lasting grip
    • waterproof for working in damp or greasy areas, with increased defence to wear for better strength
    • Little allergy risks due to the defence qualities
    • Designed for easy movement and continued wear
    • No irritation by seams in contact with the skin, because they are seamless
    • Wrist well protected by elastic cuff.
    • These Showa 377 waterproof gloves are ideal for working in damp areas and for around the garden , as they are waterproof.
    • They are washable and therefore, very easy to wear.
    • Plants and shrubs that will grow in Damp conditions.

    • Many plants will grow in  permanently damp – or permanently dry conditions.  For instance the day Lillies are normally associated with ‘normal’ or dry soil situations.
    • They are often used in mixed or perennial borders, but the best display I have seen were growing in very damp conditions – at the edge of a large natural lake. Roots in water for most of the time.
    • The damp area in your garden need no longer be a problem – or even maybe a neglected area. There are many damp area plants There are enough flowering plants and shrubs  for all manner of damp garden areas.
    • All these plants can be planted using Showa 377 waterproof gloves which will protect your hands and keep you comfortable, whatever the weather may have in store.

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