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350R Nitrile Grip garden gloves



Showa 350R Garden gloves

Showa 350R garden gloves benefit from a liner, which is both light and supple, so they give comfort to the wearer.

Nitrile, is a polymer that is used for use in the presence of oils or chemicals.

This guarantees superb wear and tear defence for the glove, thus it protects us

The pattern of the coating protects the entire palm and the fingertips, the back of the hand limits sweat.

This glove is designed to allow both dry and greasy objects to be handled well.

Showa Story

Showa started as a small Japanese firm founded in 1954 by Akeo Tanaka.

Fifty years later, it has become a major global player in best hand defence, so, leading the way

Leading the market in its country with almost all gloves worn by the workplace and private sector.

SHOWA is twinned with the highest degree of hand defence and innovation.

The way we  protect our hands has changed forever, what our hands are capable of and the impact they make on the climate.


Showa Quality

SHOWA has full control over its industry ecosystem, enabling constant quality and perfection at every level.

Amazingly, every single pair of gloves is still hand inspected at the end of the production process contributing to a ‘Zero Defect’ policy.

The Showa 350R Gloves are part of a massive range of gloves made by the company to fulfill every gardeners possible needs in the garden, to protect your hands, as they are probably, the most precious tools you own.


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Cotton, Nitrile


Abrasion Resistance, General, Heavy Duty, Thorn Resistance

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