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Showa Advanced Grip Garden gloves



Showa 341 advanced grip garden gloves

These Showa 341 advanced grip gloves have a waterproof Latex palm with breathing liner and grip finish for comfort.
Machine washable at 40 degrees with neutral soaps so they can be kept clean.

Waterproof Latex coated palm and fingers, for grip  and anti-odour treatment.

With hand formed shape design and seamless knit, hence they give great comfort.

These Showa 341 advanced grip garden gloves have an advanced grip series coating with breather back of hand, therefore reducing sweat.

With great feel, and softness, they are seamless for best comfort.

The  design replicates the natural curves of the human hand and so to lessen fatigue.

You should wear a sturdy pair of garden gloves to protect your hands and skin against cuts, insect bites, soil, thereby keeping them in good order.

Top tips

Don’t use bare hands for digging as the soil can contain objects like glass and tree roots which can injure you.

Think safety and work tidy, keeping tools in a secure toolbox, wearing gloves and you will reduce the risk of injury and protect your hands.

But, as an extra cover, you should always keep a first aid box handy and ensure that you’re up to date with it for extra safety.

Style statement

These Showa 341 advanced grip garden gloves come in two stylish colours, pink and purple thus giving a little fashion to the garden

Who says gloves have to be boring

SHOWA is noted for the highest degree of hand safety and design and so you are safer with these gloves.

SHOWA  has changed the glove industry, what our hands are capable of and the impact they make on the environment.

Perfection is not a destination, it’s a journey driven by innovation; and by introducing several technological milestones in its glove styles.

SHOWA has regularly raised the bar. Such innovations also underscore a commitment to continually make the best gloves even better.



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