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Showa 330 Re-Grip garden gloves



Showa 330 Re-Grip garden gloves

For tough tasks Showa 330 Re-Grip garden gloves are ideal, as the thumb crotch and index finger has extra coating

An ideal glove for pruning, you can wash gloves and they are supple, so easy to wear

These Showa 330R Re-Grip garden gloves are re-enforced between the thumb and index finger for added comfort.

The coated palm has a re-enforced coating at the thumb crotch and the gloves have an elastic cuff, thus strong

The Showa 330 have a rough finish over the whole surface of the coating and an anti-bacterial and anti-odour treatment.

Showa 330 Re-Grip garden gloves are, softly knit gloves that absorb sweat, for ultra comfort longer wear.

To protect the hands in damp climates, which is why they are very useful in and around the garden.

They give increased wear in parts subject to most stress and the surface gives tactile feel and grip.

These gloves are designed for greater hygiene and easy movement for more wear, so stay cleaner

There added comfort by seams coming into contact with the skin and they are a low-soil colour, so look good

Because they are re-enforced between the thumb and index finger, Showa 330 Re-Grip gloves are useful when digging.

Holding tools for any prolonged time is easy as they help to preventĀ  blisters.

The strong SHOWA 330 RE-GRIP is great, which as an Olympic sailor I can rely on in tough sailing conditions”

Ben Ainslie

For over fifty years, SHOWA has offered high class answers to the complex problems of hand defence in the garden.

The constant growth of the brand on the international market is a testament to the increasing popularity of the glove range.

SHOWA is as demanding as the consumer and always places manufacturing emphasis on the users’ priorities and requirements.

A glove is not just a piece of protection equipment it must also facilitate movement by equipping the hand with mobility and comfort when handling objects and equipment.






Large, Medium, Small, XLarge






Cotton/Polyester Knit, Latex


General, Grip, Heavy Duty, Tool Handling

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