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310 SHOWA GRIP – Showa garden glove



Showa 310 Grip garden gloves have a comfort liner and  provide an super mix between strength and comfort.

The latex rubber coating offers good armour to tearing, puncture and wear, so protects you

The thicker coating on the back of the hand enables it to remain soft and therefore gives comfort during use, thus, can wear more

and The glove is great for handling both wet and dry garden climates.

The seamless liner and formed shape keep its feel, reduce hand fatigue and prevent irritation.

The elastic cuff keeps the glove correctly adjusted, so keeps comfort

Can be washed at 40 degrees using a neutral soap powder  and air dried, therefore keeps hands clean

Why Use Showa 310 Grip Gardening gloves

Great all rounder gloves that are tough, yet flexible and breathable, making them very comfortable to wear all day long.

At the end of use, they can be washed and are as good as new !

Wearing Showa 310 gloves, If you haven’t got a pathway, or if yours is a little tired, what about a revamp?.

It doesn’t have to be in a straight line and think about planting borders around it.

Any pathway lighting and the material you’d like to use for your pathway such a stone or wood.

Have you got a stylish terraced area or does it need an update?

Think about when and how you might use a terrace i.e. if you are going to eat outside a lot does it need to be near the house for access to the kitchen or is it just going to be used as a sunny spot to sit in?

How large do you want or need it to be and what materials would work well? And don’t forget to think about borders, lighting, edging and the angle of your area!

Decking remains popular and relatively easy to install and there is something about wood which seems to have a calming effect. It does require some maintenance but can look super stylish as a raised deck or even decking at different levels. Add the finishing touches with stylish pot plants and lighting.


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Green, Yellow




Cotton/Polyester Knit, Latex


General, Grip, Heavy Duty

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