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Pepperdot gardening gloves


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Pepperdot gardening gloves

These Pepperdot  gardening gloves have added grip and water resistant coating to assist with those small jobs around the garden. Lightweight flexible garden gloves which are comfortable to wear.

Top Tips

  1. Use a camping table to sit at when planting and sowing.
  2. Find a shady spot out of the wind to sow seeds. Use a bulldog clip to hold seed packets in place.
  3. Decant compost or gravel into smaller bags to place on your table and use a scoop to prevent spills.
  4. Pace yourself. Use an egg timer and work for just five minutes then take a break and repeat. Increase the time until you find your ideal work period.
  5. Long-handled tools are great if you can’t bend or kneel easily. Or fix a trowel or fork to a pole with cable ties.
  6. Lightweight tools are easier for long jobs. Try one out in a shop first.
  7. Ergonomic tools, such as secateurs with rotating handles or curved handles can be more comfortable. Light weight Pepperdot gloves will also help.
  8. Use pots if a raised bed isn’t possible. To reduce a pot’s weight, fill half of it with polystyrene then add soil. Raise a planted pot by placing on an upturned pot.
  9. Use tubing to sow seeds in borders or veg patches to avoid bending. Cut a length to suit your standing/seated height then drop each seed down the tube into a planting hole made with a cane or pole.
  10. Use tarmac paths for wheelchairs – they’re relatively cheap to lay and now come in many colours. Self-binding gravel is a smarter but pricier option.

To enjoy the garden, get out there with your pepperdot gardening gloves, it`s healthy and pleasurable to be outside and you get a tremendous sense of achievement at the end of the day, when you can sit back and survey your work.








Cotton, Water resistant coating


One Size Mens


Damp Environments, Light Duty

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