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Mens Rose Gardening Gloves



Mens Bionic Rose Garden gloves

Mens Bionic Rose garden gloves are designed by a leading hand surgeon.

These Mens Bionic Rose Gardening gloves were recommended by Which? Gardening Magazine (Sept 2014). The silicone finger tips provide more durability, dexterity and protection, whilst the anatomical pad system gives more gripping power and less calluses and blisters.

When to Prune Roses

Late winter (February or March) is often a good time for pruning roses.

How to prune roses: general tips

When tackling roses bear the following in mind;

Whenever Pruning Roses remember to wear your Mens Bionic Rose Gloves.

or your Ladies Bionic Rose Gloves

Cuts should be no more than 5mm (¼ in) above a bud and should slope away from it, so that water does not collect on the bud. This applies to all cuts, whether removing dead wood, deadheading or annual pruning. Cut to an outward-facing bud to encourage an open-centred shape. With roses of spreading habit, prune some stems to inward-facing buds to encourage more upright growth. Cut to the appropriate height, if a dormant bud is not visible and cuts must be clean, so keep your secateurs sharp. For larger stems, use loppers or a pruning saw and prune dieback to healthy white pith. Cut out dead and diseased stems and spindly and crossing stems, aiming for well-spaced stems that allow free air flow

On established roses, cut out poorly flowering old wood and saw away old stubs that have failed to produce new shoot, with the exception of climbing roses and shrub roses, prune all newly planted roses hard to encourage vigorous shoots and trace suckers back to the roots from which they grow and pull them away.

Most important of all, it cannot be expressed enough, protect you hands and arms when pruning !




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Goatskin, Neoprene


Added Grip Strength, Thorn Proof

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