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Bionic Gardening Gloves Rose Gardening – Womens

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Ladies Bionic Rose garden gloves

These Ladies Bionic Rose garden gloves give super wear and are designed by a leading hand surgeon.

Made from real goatskin leather, they are so supple you can pick up a penny while wearing them.

The relief pads help reduce hand fatigue, while they improve control, feel and grip.

The re-enforced palm and thumb, with toughex increase wear, grip and defence against thorns.

Padding on the thumb, fingers and palm reduce blisters and the design, via motion and web zones provide improved comfort.

Shown to prevent loss of hand power ( grip strength) better than a standard leather glove.

The extra long gauntlet made of toughex, provides longer defence against thorns.

The gloves are machine washable and air dry.

Pruning roses with Ladies Bionic Rose garden gloves

To ensure you achieve the best-shaped roses and get the best flowers, you need to prune roses yearly .

This pruning can be carried out at any time from November to March.

The aim of pruning is to help the rose to produce lots of flower buds on a well-spaced framework of branches.

At the same time, you should remove crossing and tangled branches, as well as all dead and diseased wood.

If the soil is waterlogged, avoid pruning unless you are working on boards. Similarly, don’t prune if the weather is icy or frosty, as the pruning cuts can crush the stems.

Always cut to an outward-pointing bud , making a sloping cut about ¼in (6mm) above the bud. Pruning patio and miniature roses is basically similar to that recommended for bush roses, but tip back the stronger stems to 4-6in (10-15cm) for miniatures, and a little higher for patio roses. Occasionally strong, over-vigorous shoots are thrown up, which spoil the overall look of the plant. Remove these entirely, so that the plant has a balanced framework through the growing season.




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Goatskin, Neoprene


Damp Environments, Grip, Pruning, Thorn Resistance

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