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Ladies Bionic Relief Grip Gardening Gloves


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Ladies Bionic Relief Grip Garden gloves

These Ladies Bionic relief grip garden gloves are designed by a leading  hand surgeon and provide extra comfort and aid for those with Arthritis or poor grip strength for ease of use, unlike cow hide leather.

Even if you do not suffer from these ailments, the Ladies Bionic relief grip garden gloves are extremely easy and supple to wear, Hence, they can be worn for longer.

They are also washable with warm water and therefore, do not suffer from being in wet climates and drying out like a piece of board! compared to ordinary leather gloves.

The real Ladies Bionic relief grip difference

Designed by a leading  hand surgeon, Bionic relief grip garden gloves offer design that is wholly unique, so helping those with poor grip strength. Through design features and top-grade materials, you will enjoy second-skin comfort, enhanced gripping power and wear that lasts. These are the best that money can buy, when compared to others.

The hand features 14 phalanx bones and a large number of tendons and muscles. Combined, they allow for an intricate range of motion and dexterity, hence the need for a gloves design like these.

The solution:

Made of stretchy and airy Lycra material, Motion Zones are added over the knuckles and Web Zones are added between the fingers, allowing greater movement and so improving wear.

The advantage:

Bionic provides greater movement and natural feel, while also helping keep hands cool and dry.Hence, these gloves are better than any other.

The glove with the backing of science

Designed by a leading  hand surgeon, Bionic design is unique in the market, and so they are easy to use. There is nothing like it. The difference is found in the design based on the anatomy of the hand and the science of ergonomics:

Bionic Glove Demo

Comfort Relief Pads

Pre-Rotated Finger Design

Web and Motion Zones

Dr. Kleinert

The anatomy:

The hand has natural peaks and valleys around the bones. The high points of the bone rub against tools and and cause blisters, and hand fatigue, therefore the gloves are designed around this.

The easy solution:

Well placed pads on the glove fill  the peaks and valleys and even the surface of the hand.

The advantage:

Bionic improves grip strength, without the need to grip harder, and cuts hand fatigue. Plus, friction causing blisters are almost eliminated.




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