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Gripeeze garden gloves


Gripeeze garden gloves are perfect for the garden and have some very special features that allow you to comfortably handle any task in and around the garden and home. This pair of gloves are made from neoprene making the gloves water resistant and comfortable even in the cold.


Gripeeze Garden Gloves


These Gripeeze Garden Gloves allow you to handle any task in and around the garden with ease.

This pair of gloves are made from neoprene making the gloves water resistant and have comfort even in the cold.

The material helps locks in moisture keeping the hands warm when carrying out gardening tasks, so will not be cold.

Pimple Dot palms are also unique meaning you get good grip even when wet, therefore these are  practical and durable.

Strapping system helps you to lock a solid grip, taking the strain from the hand, wrist and forearm for ease.

Weak Grip or Arthritis ?

These garden gloves are perfect for anybody with a poor or weak grip, thus good for arthritis.

The double wrist strapping system means you also get more wrist support, which is perfect for weak joints at any age.

The strapping can be neatly wrapped away when not needed by twisting the strap 90 degrees and fixing to the Velcro wrist cuff.

So when you don’t need to grip or hold anything you still have the full use of a good pair of gardening gloves.

Gripeeze garden gloves for bedding

Perfect for bedding, potting, planting and pruning and using tools and equipment in the garden and around the home.

Perfect for sufferers of Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel, Multiple sclerosis, Weak Grip, Injury, Carpal tunnel and other physical conditions.

Like all Gripeeze gloves these garden gloves will get you you’re independence and your grip back.

Available in 5 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and XXL with left or right hand  strapping system.

These Gripeeze garden gloves were first launched at

flower show and have proved to be invaluable to lots of our customers.

Whether in the garden or around it, these gloves make it easier.


Large, Medium, Small, XLarge, XXLarge

Left / Right Handed

Left, Right




Latex, Neoprene


Added Grip Strength, General, Tool Handling





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