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Cutter unlined gardening gloves


These Cutter unlined gardening gloves are made from thick goatskin leather and are therefore, ideal for working around the garden.

Whether in damp or dry climates, these gloves will give super service.

Developed by tree surgeons, Cutter Work gloves give performance without compromise.

These gloves are for the serious gardener and professional alike.

From general handling through to Chainsaw gloves, cutter uses the best materials to give top notch handling, comfort and defence.

Cutter unlined gardening gloves history

When tree surgeons in suffolk needed gloves that made their work easier and safer, they could not find the answer.

So, they designed their own range to meet their needs for hard wearing gloves that were stylish but practical.

The result was the cutter brand and range they were proud to wear and now they are available to all.

Have you ever caught a few minutes of The Chelsea Flower Show on television, or happened upon a Homes & Gardens magazine.

You will no doubt have craved one of those gorgeous landscaped gardens.

Cutter unlined gardening gloves, ideal for Landscaping

There’s a growing popularity for outdoor living, this means we’re taking more care of our gardens than ever before.

So if you’ve got a rather weedy lawn and sad looking flowerbeds, you might want to get a little help.

Landscaping prices vary vastly depending on what you want – professionals can come in and renovate the entire garden or just pop in a garden path and a few pots. Luckily, this does mean that you can get some horticultural aid regardless of your budget.

If you haven’t got a few thousand pounds burning a hole in your back pocket, then there are still ways to get a beautifully landscaped garden for a cheaper price. There are many jobs you can do yourself which don’t require a lot of skill.

In addition, if you’re desperate for a gorgeous garden, then you’ve probably spent some time poring over books, blogs and magazines; you’ll have a few ideas or two.


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