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CSM Green Leather Gardening Gauntlet Gloves



As theses CSM Green Leather gardening gloves are unlined they offer a great deal of dexterity.
Best to rinse through before use. A hide leather gardening glove with suede leather extended cuff.
Ideal for all gardening work and prickles. /index.php/product/csm-green-leather-gardening-gauntlet/

Pruning in CSM Green Leather gloves

Pruning with your CSM Green Leather gloves is an essential gardening skill.

When you prune correctly, you encourage healthy growth and flowering, as well as good looks.

For most shrubs and trees, it helps to prune at the right time. Some are best pruned in winter; some right after flowering.

Maintenance in CSM Green Leather gloves

Most plants benefit from some sort of regular pruning and maintenance. The trick is in knowing when to prune what.

A great many flowering and fruiting plants prefer to be pruned while they are dormant, in late winter through early spring.

Some, like spring trees and shrubs, will start setting new buds as soon as the old buds have fallen. These will need to be pruned shortly after flowering, or you risk pruning off the new buds with the old.

And still, other plants need to be continually pruned and deadheaded,wearing you r CSM Green Leather gloves to remain vigorous and in flower.

It’s confusing but rarely fatal. Pruning at the wrong time of year may result in fewer flowers and fruits, but it usually won’t harm the plant in the long run. The exception to this is pruning too late in the season and encouraging a lot of tender, new growth that will be killed back with the onset of winter weather.

Non woody Perennials

Perhaps the most labor intensive plants to prune in your CSM Green Leather gloves are the non-woody perennials. The notion that you can plant perennials once and then have a maintenance-free garden forever is an incorrect notion.

Most plants, especially the flowering ones, not only need to be cut back entirely at some point before or after the growing season, they need regular pruning, shearing or deadheading. Which plants to prune when and how much to prune them is something you learn as you acquire experience gardening. It’s part of the pleasure of gardening for most gardeners and it’s the type of knowledge that varies from region to region. When and how to prune perennial plants probably makes up more garden chat than any other topic.










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