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CSM Green cotton garden Gloves


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CSM Green Cotton gloves are suitable for light gardening work in dry conditions.
Washable and very comfortable gardening gloves .

One Size

The end of the season is a great time to make sure you have everything you need for the next season.

Dedicate an indoor space to sowing and for caring for seedlings.

This will help you avoid a chaotic mess as the months go by.

Stock up on compost. Lots of seeds need an early start to fully thrive during the summer.

Due to our cool climate a lot of sowing will be in pots or seed trays filled with compost.

Keep an eye out for out of season bargains in garden centres.

Wearing your Green Cotton gardening gloves, give the pots a scrub with hot soapy water to remove any harmful bacteria.

If this is not your first growing season, then it is likely that you will have containers lying around.

The memory of what you sowed may initially be fresh in the memory for the first few weeks of the new season but it is easy to forget.

Invest in some labelsĀ and a good quality UV resistant marker

Garlic Chives with Green Cotton gloves

A delicious yet simple crop to grow in containers is Chives, which you can keep on the kitchen window sill.

The slight hint of Garlic in these herbs makes them a desirable addition to many recipes.

They work especially well for making herb butter and you can even eat the flowers.

Using your CSM Green Cotton gloves, seeds can be sown indoors or undercover at a depth of 0.5cm into containers, which have been filled with compost.

Look after your crop by watering sufficiently and after 14-21 days you will seedlings start to emerge.








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