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Catherine Berry Light Grip


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Catherine Berry light grip gloves

Catherine Berry light grip gloves are comfortable Gardening gloves.

They are ideal for grip and comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Super Latex grip with breathable backs.

A bright green, so you don`t lose them, Catherine berry light grip gloves should be part of the gardeners arsenal.

Centre sales have a number of own branded products, largely brought about by listening to gardeners at various exhibitions that we attend, including the Chelsea flower show, Hampton Court and many others.

Garden hand care

It is by listening to gardeners, we can remain sensitive to their needs and provide world class products to make gardening more of a pleasure for both professional and potterer alike.

Catherine Berry light grip gloves are available via our website or via the shows or by telephone on 01527 832092.

It’s not just that your hands can start to look terrible after extensive gardening, with large cracks, embedded dirt, splitting nails and calluses.

They also feel really unpleasant; your skin feels dry and stretched. It’s uncomfortable. You start to become reluctant about shaking hands with people.

The important thing with gardening hand care is consistency.

Most people have a really hard time remembering to do things on a regular basis. I can barely remember my medications, and that’s mainly because my phone reminds me to take them.

So I have sort of a multi-pronged approach to keeping my hands reasonably smooth and soft despite the fact that I’m constantly gardening.

I keep my tools and my Catherine Berry light grip gloves in easy reach to make sure I remember to keep up with hand care.

Your hands are probably the most important tools you own, so it makes common sense to look after them. They are also one of the first things people will notice about you, which is why gloves are so important.


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