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Catherine Berry Xtra Cover



catherine berry extra cover garden gloves

catherine berry extra cover,  for working in damp areas. Coated to over the knuckles and still give feel, thereby useful.

These catherine berry extra cover gloves are useful, due to the fact that they are coated on the palm, back of the fingers and up to the knuckles,so good in damp areas.

Making the Most of Damp Garden Habitats
However keen in the garden you are, there are moments you wish you had less garden to face every weekend.  We all find times when the amount of garden that simply must be done, has just outgrown the time free.

If you have reached this crisis point you may have taken drastic measures and installed decking to make life easier.

Even an avid wildlife gardener may venture down this route to allow more time to view the creatures that visit their garden.

Wildlife gardens

A Wildlife garden involves as much work as a normal garden, thus we look to save time.

So for most of us, making our garden tasks easy for ourselves is something we have most in our minds.

One way to reduce work in the garden is to make sure that you garden within your own local conditions and make the most of your soil.

It makes sense, if you have clay, not to attempt to grow plants that need free draining conditions.

And again if your soil is sandy or chalky, avoid plants that only thrive in a moisture holding soil.

This is what I like to think of to ‘garden with nature’ and in the long run, this can save much heartache for all concerned.

Helping wildlife in the garden helps them and gives you great rewards when sitting with a cup of tea.


catherine berry extra cover gloves are ideal for damp conditions


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