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Bionic Tough Pro Gardening Gloves



Bionic Tough Pro garden gloves are invented by a renown Orthopaedic hand surgeon.We understand how painful arthritis can be, especially when it stops you from the activities you love. That’s why we worked closely with this orthopedic hand specialist to develop our Gardening Gloves for Arthritic Hands. These gloves provide extra support and mild compression to help reduce pain and discomfort from swollen and sore joints, letting you focus on a beautiful garden. Don’t let arthritis slow you down – get back to doing what you love with Bionic gardening gloves.Hand exercises can help strengthen the muscles that support the hand joints. This can help you perform hand movements with less discomfort. Movement can also help to keep ligaments and tendons flexible, which can help improve range of motion and hand function. Finally, exercise can increase the production of synovial fluid, which can also improve joint function.

You can do this easy exercise anywhere and any time your hand feels stiff. Start by holding your left hand out with all of your fingers straight. Then, slowly bend your hand into a fist, placing your thumb on the outside of your hand. Be gentle, don’t squeeze your hand.

Open your hand back up until your fingers are straight once again. Do the exercise 10 times with the Right hand. Then repeat the whole sequence with the left hand.Start in the same position as in the last exercise, with your left hand held up straight. Bend your thumb down toward your palm. Hold it for a couple of seconds. Straighten your thumb back up. Then bend your index finger down toward your palm. Hold it for a couple of seconds. Then straighten it. Repeat with each finger on the left hand. Then repeat the entire sequence on the right hand

One would also hope that wearing your Bionic Tough Pro garden gloves will also help over a prolonged period of time.




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