Buds kids gardening gloves

Buds Kids gardening gloves Buds kids gardening gloves are designed to make gardening fun for kids and so gets their interest gardening is a healthy way for children to grow up, teaching them core values for later life, so teaches respect Buds are a durable palm coated glove with an elastic knitted wrist for added …
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Ox-On Kids Garden Gloves


Oxon Kids Gloves are a rigger style gardening glove, designed to look like the original adults Riggers. Cleverly sized in age groups 4-6 years 6-8 years and 10-12 years, these gloves are ideal for protection for those little apprentice gardeners. Support the RHS Campaign for School gardening Don`t forget your Oxon Kids gloves too ! Your gift …
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Rostaing Childrens Folding Stool


Childrens folding stool made in Acacia wood and seat in 100% cotton. For those little helpers in the garden. It can also be used for leisure too ! Help the young ones into the garden with their very own stool and some kids gloves. Children can learn new skills, have fun, play and develop self-confidence …
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Showa Floreo 370 5XS ( purple) gardening gloves


These Showa Floreo 370 5XS are an ideal gardening gift, the latest size Showa Floreo 370 gardening gloves, which are ideal for children or ladies with very small hands. Nitrile coated palm on seamless knitted liner provides excellent dexterity and comfort. Machine washable and very durable. These lightweight and supple gloves have a durable nitrile …
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Towa Kids Gardening Gloves ( 4XXXS )

Towa Kids gardening gloves are a set of gardening gloves for those little helpers. Breathable, durable, comfortable and washable Kids gardening gloves. These quality Kids gardening gloves are a must for any apprentice gardener.

The latex palms give an excellent grip and the breathable back allows the user to wear for prolonged periods, without discomfort. When they get dirty, they are also fully washable, ideal for kids gardening.

Towa Kids Glove 6XS


These Towa Kids 6XS garden gloves for children are copies of the adult gloves. The young gardener will enjoy working in these gloves. The stretchy fabric and microfinish design on the surface of the gloves create a perfect fit and make them slip proof. The seamless finely knitted gloves have a Latex coating and are machine …
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