* NEW Showa 265 Floreo Garden Glove


Showa Floreo 265 Ultra-light Garden Glove. These Floreo 265 garden gloves are an ultra-light, soft and give great comfort, ideal for fruit picking and fragile plants. The Nitrile coated palm is also strong and resists abrasion. The gloves give comfort and you could wear them all day. Because the backs are breathe, you will not …
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Catherine Berry Nitrile Touch


Catherine Berry Nitrile touch gardening gloves are excellent for durability. Ideal for planting , pricking out, weeding and any jobs that require dexterity, these gloves are breathable and washable. Because carrot seeds are tiny, they need to be sown shallowly. The trick is to keep the top-most layer of soil damp during the long germination period. Water …
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Nitropalm Nitrile garden gloves


CSM Nitropalm gardening gloves CSM Nitropalm nitrile coated gardening gloves provide excellent grip, dexterity and abrasion resistance. Intended for garden work, where care and precision are vital. The Seamless  nylon liner is clean, cool and comfortable and the gloves are fully washable too. Tested to EN388 Standard these gloves are washable at 40 degrees, with …
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Showa 380 Extra Grip gardening gloves


Showa 380 Extra grip garden gloves Showa 380 garden gloves you are to wash. They breathe and are are light, absorbent and provide the best grip thus strong. The foam nitrile coating with patterned palm, provides great feel and extra grip. Machine wash at 40 degrees with neutral powders, therefore easy to clean Why choose …
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Showa Floreo 370 5XS ( purple) gardening gloves


These Showa Floreo 370 5XS are an ideal gardening gift, the latest size Showa Floreo 370 gardening gloves, which are ideal for children or ladies with very small hands. Nitrile coated palm on seamless knitted liner provides excellent dexterity and comfort. Machine washable and very durable. These lightweight and supple gloves have a durable nitrile …
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Showa Floreo 370 Garden gloves


Showa Floreo 370 Gardening gloves are a super garden gift. These gardening gloves offer excellent dexterity, yet are strong and fully washable. Showa Floreo 370 Gardening gloves are ideal for pruning, pricking out, weeding and planting, these gloves are comfortable, durable , flexible and washable. You can wear these gloves all day long and they …
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Showa Kevlar gardening gloves GP – KV1


Showa Kevlar grip garden gloves These Showa Kevlar grip garden gloves have a 100% knitted kevlar liner for great thorn defence. The Latex coated palm giving super grip, feel and strength, making them easy to work in The gloves are great for wear and tear, thus last longer Anti-bacterial treatment reduces odours, so keeps hands clean …
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Towa Flora Blue


Towa Flora Blue Towa Flora Blue garden gloves offer great comfort fit well. These garden gloves are ideal for many garden tasks, so multi-use Very useful for fine work work, they are ideal for potting on,watering plants and fruit picking. The 13 Gauge liner offers great comfort and stops hand fatigue. The gloves also have …
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Towa Flora Pink


Towa Flora Pink garden gloves These super, comfort Towa Flora gloves are right for a lots of garden tasks and fit like a second skin, therefore are ideal in the garden. The liner offers best comfort and stops hand fatigue, so easy to work in About Microfinish  ABOUT MICROFINISH®  Towa have looked for products that …
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Towa Flora Yellow


Towa Flora Yellow garden gloves These superb Towa Flora yellow gloves are ideal for a variety of gardening tasks and provide excellent dexterity. The 13 Gauge Polyester liner offers maximum comfort and eliminates hand fatigue. Ideal for potting on, watering plants and picking fruit. These excellent gloves also possess the Microfinish technology. Towa Flora Yellow About …
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Towa Foriesta


Towa Foriesta Garden gloves Super comfort Towa Foriesta, garden gloves with longer cuff for more cover. Garden gloves with a 13 Gauge liner for added comfort and less hand fatigue, so your hands will not hurt as much. A longer cuff has been added, to protect and sewn in hangers for storage. ABOUT MICROFINISH For …
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