Soft n Tough Garden gloves


Towa Soft n Tough garden gloves are Tough, strong garden gloves with comfort  lining and Latex rubber. Towa Soft n Tough garden gloves and Microfinish For a long time Towa have looked for the products that offer safety, comfort, and most important, grip. Towa has at last found an answer and applied it to the …
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Soft n Tough Thermal


Soft nTough Thermal garden gloves These Soft n Tough Thermal  gloves are both strong and can be washed, therefore keep your hands clean They have a Napped lining for extra warmth. The Natural Rubber/ Latex coating on the palm has `MICROFINISH` to it, which provides excellent grip in all climates ABOUT MICROFINISH For a long …
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Towa Flora Pink


Towa Flora Pink garden gloves These super, comfort Towa Flora gloves are right for a lots of garden tasks and fit like a second skin, therefore are ideal in the garden. The liner offers best comfort and stops hand fatigue, so easy to work in About Microfinish  ABOUT MICROFINISH®  Towa have looked for products that …
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Towa Flora Yellow


Towa Flora Yellow garden gloves These superb Towa Flora yellow gloves are ideal for a variety of gardening tasks and provide excellent dexterity. The 13 Gauge Polyester liner offers maximum comfort and eliminates hand fatigue. Ideal for potting on, watering plants and picking fruit. These excellent gloves also possess the Microfinish technology. Towa Flora Yellow About …
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Towa Foriesta


Towa Foriesta Garden gloves Super comfort Towa Foriesta, garden gloves with longer cuff for more cover. Garden gloves with a 13 Gauge liner for added comfort and less hand fatigue, so your hands will not hurt as much. A longer cuff has been added, to protect and sewn in hangers for storage. ABOUT MICROFINISH For …
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Towa Kids Gardening Gloves ( 4XXXS )

Towa Kids gardening gloves are a set of gardening gloves for those little helpers. Breathable, durable, comfortable and washable Kids gardening gloves. These quality Kids gardening gloves are a must for any apprentice gardener.

The latex palms give an excellent grip and the breathable back allows the user to wear for prolonged periods, without discomfort. When they get dirty, they are also fully washable, ideal for kids gardening.

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