Nitropalm Nitrile garden gloves


CSM Nitropalm gardening gloves CSM Nitropalm nitrile coated gardening gloves provide excellent grip, dexterity and abrasion resistance. Intended for garden work, where care and precision are vital. The Seamless  nylon liner is clean, cool and comfortable and the gloves are fully washable too. Tested to EN388 Standard these gloves are washable at 40 degrees, with …
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Showa Floreo 370 Garden gloves


Showa Floreo 370 Gardening gloves are a super garden gift. These gardening gloves offer excellent dexterity, yet are strong and fully washable. Showa Floreo 370 Gardening gloves are ideal for pruning, pricking out, weeding and planting, these gloves are comfortable, durable , flexible and washable. You can wear these gloves all day long and they …
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Ox-On Kenwo Leather Palmed/Spandex back Gardening Glove


Ox-On Kenwo Unlined Goatskin Leather palmed garden gloves are both supple and strong. The supple spandex back gives extra comfort. You can wash these garden gloves and they also have a velcro wrist cuff to give extra support.  Kenwo Unlined Goatskin gloves These gloves are unlike cowhide leather, as they remain supple, even in the …
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451 Showa Thermo garden gloves


Showa 451 Thermal gloves Showa 451 Thermal garden gloves have a super warm cotton liner and provides good cover against the cold. The rubber coating on the palm offers good cover to tearing, puncture and wear. The rough finish gives superb grip on  any slippy surface. Because it`s  knitted without a seam and shaped, it …
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Argon Thermal Garden Glove


Argon thermal gardening gloves These superb Argon thermal gardening gloves have a double insulated nylon liner with a Hydropellent foam coating, designed to protect, when working in cold and damp conditions. The sanitized antimicrobial finish provides extra freshness and remains flexible to -50c. Effects of Cold Hypothermia is a dangerous drop in body temperature, usually caused by …
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Showa Advanced Grip Garden gloves


Showa 341 advanced grip garden gloves These Showa 341 advanced grip gloves have a waterproof Latex palm with breathing liner and grip finish for comfort. Machine washable at 40 degrees with neutral soaps so they can be kept clean. Waterproof Latex coated palm and fingers, for grip  and anti-odour treatment. With hand formed shape design …
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Catherine Berry Nitrile Touch


Catherine Berry Nitrile touch gardening gloves are excellent for durability. Ideal for planting , pricking out, weeding and any jobs that require dexterity, these gloves are breathable and washable. Because carrot seeds are tiny, they need to be sown shallowly. The trick is to keep the top-most layer of soil damp during the long germination period. Water …
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310 SHOWA GRIP – Showa garden glove


Showa 310 Grip garden gloves have a comfort liner and  provide an super mix between strength and comfort. The latex rubber coating offers good armour to tearing, puncture and wear, so protects you The thicker coating on the back of the hand enables it to remain soft and therefore gives comfort during use, thus, can …
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Ox-On Driver II Lined Goatksin Gardening Glove


Ox-On Goatskin Leather Gloves are a super garden gift, this full split goat leather garden glove with comfort lining. These garden gloves are supple, warm and tough. Stylish too ! Goatskin: Goatskin is a very good all-around leather. It can be worn for dress or casual wear, but it is also strong enough to handle the …
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Ox-On Kids Garden Gloves


Oxon Kids Gloves are a rigger style gardening glove, designed to look like the original adults Riggers. Cleverly sized in age groups 4-6 years 6-8 years and 10-12 years, these gloves are ideal for protection for those little apprentice gardeners. Support the RHS Campaign for School gardening Don`t forget your Oxon Kids gloves too ! Your gift …
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* NEW Showa 265 Floreo Garden Glove


Showa Floreo 265 Ultra-light Garden Glove. These Floreo 265 garden gloves are an ultra-light, soft and give great comfort, ideal for fruit picking and fragile plants. The Nitrile coated palm is also strong and resists abrasion. The gloves give comfort and you could wear them all day. Because the backs are breathe, you will not …
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Ladies Bionic Relief Grip Gardening Gloves


Ladies Bionic Relief Grip Garden gloves These Ladies Bionic relief grip garden gloves are designed by a leading  hand surgeon and provide extra comfort and aid for those with Arthritis or poor grip strength for ease of use, unlike cow hide leather. Even if you do not suffer from these ailments, the Ladies Bionic relief …
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